Please have look through the most commonly asked questions. If your questions is not answered here please contact us DRiddimTribe@ReleaseDRiddim.com

D Riddim Tribe General Information

1I want to jump in a Private section with DRT, what do I get ?
You will receive D Riddim Tribe Goodie Bag, Breakfast & Lunch and refreshments on the road from the main bar. School of Soca Sunday is not included but we will offer a discount to the price of the normal package.
Please note – all private sections joining D Riddim Tribe for Notting Hill carnivals will be placed behind D Riddim Tribe costume sections on the road ( the order will be confirmed nearer the time).
Some services may also be exclusive to D Riddim Tribe costume members e.g. D Riddim Tribe Rum Punch, personalised cups, premium bar etc. Anything given that is not included in a private package is purely discretionary and not an entitlement.
2How old must you be to participate in the band at Notting Hill Carnival
You will need to be 18 years or over to participate in the band on Monday. Under 18 years of age will only be allowed to participate in the band on Sunday and MUST be accompanied by a responsible adult.
3Can I pay off my balance in instalments ?
Your balance will be taken from the card/account you paid your deposit with in 3 monthly installments by direct debit after deposit is paid. Any add-ons will be adjusted to be included in these payments.
4Can I cancel my costume ?
Please let us know if you need to cancel your costume, however payments are non-refundable or transferable.
5When do I need to pay the balance of my costume ?
The deadlines for full payment of your remaining balance 30th June 2019 so the offer for installment payments ends on 30th March. Payment plans will change to 2 months and 1 month every month after that respectively.
6Do you have a mas camp ?
We do not have one. If you would like to view our costumes, please contact us and we will let you know when and where the costumes will be on show next
7What is your music policy ?
Release D Riddim operate on a 100% soca policy for both carnival days.
8Will there be vegetarian/vegan food options ?
Yes, we will are able to accommodate non-meat eaters; dietary requirements will be requested beforehand.
9Can I change my costume to fun mass or T-shirt
Unfortunately, you are unable to downgrade to Premium Fun mass from costume. However, you can purchase it separately and cancel your costume in this case you will forfeit your deposit.
10Can I upgrade from Fun mass/T-shirt to Premium fun mass or Costume
Yes you can, you will need to pay the difference, if any to clear the deposit amount (i.e Fun Mas Standard £90, you will need to pay £10 to complete £100 deposit for standard costume)

Adult Costumes Information

1What do I need to register for a costume ?
We need the following basic information:
Female Sizes
Bra Size, Waist Size (in inches), small and lower hip (in inches), top size, bottoms size,
Male Sizes
Chest size (in inches), Waist Size (in inches)
General Information
T-shirt size, contact details.
Information required may differ depending on individual costume please refer to product page.
Carnival costumes are made to measure. Please note that once you have completed registration the following will apply: NO refunds, NO exchanging costume options or changing sections, NO changing measurements or altering orders after 72hrs of ordering (unless advertised that you can do so).
2Can i mix and match costumes in my section
Regrettably, there are no variations of the costumes unless otherwise stated for an extra cost. (i.e bodytypes, added cage bra) these will be noted in each costume.
3Why must I provide my own bra ?
All designers always stipulate a bra size that they can supply up to and after this size it is down to the masquerader to supply their own bra.
So, in asking you to supply your own bra, the designer wants to make sure that you have the best support and comfort on the road. You can also supply your own bra in any case if you think you will feel more comfortable.
4Will a deduction be made from my costume balance for supplying my own bra ?
Regrettably, no deductions will be made as the costs will be put towards extra material and jewels to cover the surface area of your provided bra.
5What type of bra should i provide
A plain smooth moulded t-shirt bra. No lace. The colour will be stated in each costume.
6Am i allowed to customise my own costume ?
The designers spend hours designing and producing the costumes to ensure the look matches our theme and looks great on the road, if you would like to adapt something on your costume please ask us first. If you have undergarments that would be more comfortable and match the colour we are not opposed to it.

Kids Information

1When do D Riddim Tribe Kids go on the road ?
On the last Sunday before Bank holiday Monday of August.
2Are the kids allowed on the road with the band on Carnival Monday ?
No, only over 18s are allowed on the road on carnival Monday.
3How old does my child need to be participate in D Riddim Tribe Kids ?
Between 2-13years old for kids costume and 13-18 years old for teen costumes
4What is included on the Kids costume package (Sunday only) ?
Full costume as advertised, goodie bag, light breakfast, lunch, soft beverages, snacks, sound truck, wristbands are given out on the day.
5What is included on the T-shirt package (Sunday only) ?
T-shirt, soft beverages, snacks, sound truck and wristband given on the day. If added food option selected: light breakfast, lunch soft beverages, snacks.
6On the day can I leave my child and come back later ?
7Do parents need to buy a T-shirt to be in the band on Sunday with their kids ?